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What to Expect at .NET Conf 2021

Next week, .NET Conf will launch .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 for Microsoft. This annual, free, three-day virtual developer event is the place to be for the latest Microsoft releases. Along with the .NET community, the .NET Foundation, and several ecosystem partners, these three days in November allow us all to come together to celebrate and learn about the most significant .NET advancements.

What to Expect at dotNET Conf 2021

The Biggest .NET Virtual Event on the Planet

.NET Conf has always been virtual (even before COVID-19), and next week will be the event's 11th anniversary. The event organizers strive to create an engaging virtual experience for all attendees, no matter where they are. Over the years, the content and reach have expanded across the globe. Currently, this event draws over 100 thousand live viewers and sponsors hundreds of local events worldwide.

From November 9th – 11th, .NET Conf provides a wide selection of live sessions that feature speakers from the community and .NET team members. The sessions will stream 24/7 between days two and three of the conference so everyone can get involved. Ask questions live on Twitter, participate on Twitch, and join the virtual attendee parties where you can play trivia games and win prizes.

How to Join the Party

After the excellent speaker line-up on day 1, you can take your new knowledge, questions, and comments to the CodeParty hosted by Jeffrey T. Fritz. The CodeParty is the perfect opportunity to discuss what you learned with other .NET developers worldwide, participate in a lively trivia game, and win prizes from the sponsors ($250 Amazon gift card, anyone). Make sure to join the fun on day 2, as well!

Check out the SWAG bag to receive free digital items like wallpapers, 3D printable designs, and more. Show them off on Twitter with #dotNETLovesMe. You can also enter to win one of 25 SWAG bags with prizes from the .NET Conf sponsors. Each bag includes software licenses, t-shirts, gift cards, and more. In addition, our sponsors are giving away 16 grand prizes.

Challenge yourself Indiana Jones-style with the Secret Decoder Challenge. Visit the various sponsors to solve their clues and guess the secret phrase. Everyone who enters the correct phrase will be entered into a drawing to win one of 11 prizes. This challenge closes on November 11th at 4 PM (PST) so get solving quickly!

.NET Conf At a Glance

Day One

The first day is all about the big news - .NET 6! Join the .NET team and learn all about the new things you can do with the latest release.

Day Two

Dive deeper into all you can do with .NET and hunker down for the start of the 24-hour broadcast.

Day Three

The final day continues with the day and night broadcast that includes speakers worldwide in their own time zones.

Get the full speaker line-up here!

GrapeCity and Microsoft: Where It All Began

GrapeCity and Microsoft have been collaborating for the past 20 years, back when FlexGrid was a part of Visual Basic as MSFlexGrid. We first collaborated when ASP. NET Core and .NET Core were released.

Since the first introduction, Microsoft has designed the .NET framework to thrive while supporting an entire ecosystem of 3rd party libraries. Rather than developing everything themselves, Microsoft realized that it was a good idea to build a layer of extensibility across Visual Studio and .NET so companies like GrapeCity, could fill in the gaps.

GrapeCity strives to provide UI controls and products for the latest development technologies used by enterprises. As new advancements and platforms emerge, it impacts the entire ComponentOne product line. For example, when Microsoft developed universal windows apps, we used the opportunity to reuse code from our XAML-based controls (WPF and WinRT) to effectively produce controls for the new platform.

After many years of this partnership (and more to come!), we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft. They provide early access to new technologies and tools so our .NET developers can offer feedback. We also receive assistance with our development process through dedicated discussion channels. The Microsoft team is quick to include and mention our product when discussing leading component providers.

What to Expect at dotNET Conf 2021

Be on the lookout for more from ComponentOne as Microsoft continues to innovate with development platforms, like .NET 6!

GrapeCity’s Plans for .NET 6

Stay tuned for .NET 6 support coming to our various award-winning .NET products:

  • ComponentOne:

    • .NET 6 pre-release packages will be available on Nuget in time for .NET Conf. ComponentOne will also host a .NET 6 webinar on 11/16 – stay tuned for more info!
  • Spread. NET:

    • .NET 6 support will be available with the v15 release at the end of November 2021.
  • GrapeCity Documents:

    • .NET 6 support will launch in December 2021 with the v5 release.

There are so many exciting things happening with .NET at Microsoft and GrapeCity! We hope you’ll help celebrate with us at .NET Conf next week.

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Caitlyn Depp

Marketing Communications Manager
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