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Welcome to Wijmo 5

Repost from Product Manager Chris Bannon logo_wijmo5_200x200 "I haven’t been this excited to announce a release since we first unveiled Wijmo at jQuery Conference Boston in 2010. Today, 5 years after we started developing Wijmo, we are releasing an entire new product line: Wijmo 5. Wijmo 5 is a new generation of JavaScript controls (yes, controls, not widgets). We decided it was time to launch an HTML5/JavaScript product taking full advantage of the latest and greatest technologies, and no longer make compromises in order to support legacy browsers. Feel free to just stop reading now and go get the Wijmo 5 Beta now.

What is Wijmo 5?

  • Mobile-first and touch-first
  • True JavaScript Controls
  • Faster & more lightweight
  • A Flexible API
  • First-class AngularJS support

What’s in Wijmo 5?

  • Core: Globalization, data binding, tooltips, control base class, event class, utilities.
  • Input: AutoComplete, ComboBox, InputNumber, InputDate, InputTime, ListBox, Menu, and more.
  • Grid: A brand new version of the FlexGrid control, more flexible and powerful than ever.
  • Chart: A brand new FlexChart control that is beautiful, powerful, and easy to use.
  • More to come: This is the first version of Wijmo’s new generation. Get ready for new modules including reporting, mapping, layouts, and much more!

What are the requirements?

  • Modern Browsers (IE9+, ECMAScript 5)
  • jQuery (this is Wijmo’s only dependency)

Why require ECMAScript5?

  • Real properties (with getters/setters)
  • JSON support
  • SVG graphics
  • Better arrays, bind method, etc.
  • Smaller and more efficient (no hacks to support legacy browsers)

What platforms, libraries, and tools are officially supported?

  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Globalize
  • OData
  • TypeScript

FlexGrid for JavaScript

If you are a developer that has been around since the early days of VB, then you probably know of our famous FlexGrid Control. It was so good, that Microsoft actually included it in Visual Studio.aspx). The Control was written by our now CTO, Bernardo Castilho. He has evolved and improved this Control throughout different platforms for the past 20 years. And now, he has written the JavaScript version! _FlexGrid has a principle behinds its design: flexibility. FlexGrid focuses on staying lean and fast, and using extensibility to offer features. FlexGrid is also available as an Angular DataGrid

ICollectionView for JavaScript

Wijmo has a solid infrastructure based on a powerful and familiar data layer. The main data binding interface is ICollectionView, which provides currency, filtering, grouping, and sorting services. Wijmo also includes the IEditableCollectionView and IPagedCollectionView interfaces, which support editing and paging. Wijmo’s ICollectionView interface is virtually identical to the one in .NET, so if you know .NET you will feel right at home.

FlexChart, Input and More

FlexGrid and CollectionView are two huge parts of Wijmo 5, but there is much more to it than than. We have included Charts, Input, Menu, and even a Globalization API.

What About Wijmo vCurrent?

Don’t worry, we will be maintaining and releasing the current version of wijmo into the foreseeable future. We built a product of widgets that uses Progressive Enhancement and works everywhere, including IE6. vCurrent is still a viable product for many customers and we will continue to support them. We wanted to build a new product that targeted more modern browsers and creating a clean separation gave us that freedom. So use Wijmo 5 if you are targeting IE9 and up and use Wijmo Pro if you need legacy browser support.

Go Get It!

Join the Wijmo 5 Beta, explore our controls, read our documentation and participate in our forums!


Wijmo 5 is currently in Beta. It will go into RC in October and become available for sale then. Wijmo 5 will be packaged similar to Wijmo Professional and it will be included in Wijmo Enterprise. Any customers who have an urgent need to use Wijmo 5 Beta in production prior to October should contact our sales team."


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