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Troubleshooting Studio for ActiveX Installation Errors

At times, when trying to install Studio for ActiveX, the installation fails with an error message. "There is a problem with this windows Installer package. A Program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." This article provides possible trouble shooting solutions for solving similar installation issues. Check Basic Requirements for Installation Some of the most intriguing problems can be solved by going back and checking basic requirements. Before starting with the installation please ensure,

  1. IIS is installed on the machine, as ActiveX Studio needs IIS on the machine.
  2. You are running the installation as an Admin user.
  3. AntiVirus programs have be disabled for the time being.
  4. .Net 2.0 or 3.5 framework installed on the machine. I know it sounds a bit perplexing but the licensing utility, common across all installers is based on .NET Framework, so it is required to be installed on the machine.
  5. Windows operating system has been updated with the latest service pack.

Now install the setup. If the error is still shown, follow the solutions provided below in the order they are given. Re-Download the setup MSI files can get corrupted while being downloaded over the net, even in some cases while being extracted to the "Temp" folder on the system, and when run with a corrupted extraction, this error crops up. To resolve this, download the setup again and run the installations. Clean Temporary System Files In many cases, cleaning the Temporary system files may solve the issue. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Navigate to Temporary folder for the system by typing "%temp%" in the Run prompt and hitting return key
  3. Select all the files by pressing "ctrl+A" and hit delete. Most of the files can be safely deleted, but there could be some files which the system would not allow to be deleted. We can safely ignore these, rest assured nothing in the system would be messed up.
  4. Restart the computer and log in as the Administrator.
  5. Try the installing the setup again.

Now comes the part where we have already tried the steps above, and if you are still reading this, it is pretty much evident that the installation did not go as planned. :) Custom Installation We may still have one more thing to try, in order to get the MSI installed correctly. Which brings me to the final solution, Custom Installation. While running the installer instead of a Complete install, go for custom Installation and Un-check WebChart from the list of controls to be installed. If now the installation goes on smoothly, we can always re-install it later, if needed. I believe the above steps would solve the issue for you in most of the cases, if on the other hand that was not the case and none of the above steps helped in correctly installing Studio For ActiveX, we would request you to create an install log and email it to our support team ( Steps to create an install log: 1. Open the command prompt with administrative rights. 2. Type the following command to run the installer and create install log : msiexec /i /L c:\logfile.txt


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