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The Ultimate Changes

As many of you know, ComponentOne has now become a part of GrapeCity. Along with such changes, we are overhauling our systems and infrastructure to better serve you, our community.

First, we began using SupportOne as our new support system. This seamlessly interacts with TFS, keeping not only the support teams in the loop about your cases, but our product managers and development teams as well. This open communication has improved our ability to identify, prioritize, and correct any issues our customers have faced, and your feedback has validated its impact. You can submit a support case at

Since we do have so many different product pages, whether it be,, or, we would also like our end users to have similar experiences on these pages such as a persistent logins across these domains. We are overhauling the back-end of these pages, and you will see major improvements over the next year.

Along with these enhancements, we have also changed the way in which you are authenticated when logging into these pages. Historically, we have requested a username but we have switched our authentication methods to use your primary email address instead. If you have any account or log-in issues because of this change, please contact the GrapeCity Web Team at for assistance.

Something else you may have noticed, we have repackaged all of our control suites into one complete bundle called Ultimate. With Ultimate, you will have the controls you need for any type of application, whether it be desktop, web, or native mobile.

As mentioned, more changes will be coming over the course of the year. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Simply submit a SupportOne case and let us know how we can better serve you.


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