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Studio for WinRT XAML January Update

Today we have released a major update of Studio for WinRT XAML! Highlights of this update include:

  • New CollectionView class for enabled sorting, filtering and grouping your data collections.
  • FlexGrid inertial scrolling, performance enhancements and built-in sorting/filtering/grouping support.
  • New Tile controls for creating animated "live" tiles in your app.
  • PdfViewer enhancements including text search, horizontal orientation, password encryption and asynchronous loading.
  • C1Zip, our complete, cross-platform Zip archive implementation library.
  • TreeView (beta) for creating collapsible hierarchical lists of items.

Download the update to access the new controls, features and samples. This update is version 2012 v3.5, which means if your subscription includes 2012 v3 you are entitled to these new controls! Read more details below.

New CollectionView Class

Get a more powerful implementation of the ICollectionView interface with ComponentOne CollectionView™ for WinRT XAML. The C1CollectionView class delivers missing functionality like sorting, filtering, grouping, and modifying any collection. Use C1CollectionView as you would use CollectionViewSource in your Windows Store apps to instantly get more functionality without sacrifice. The C1CollectionView class is included in the C1.Xaml assembly. Learn more.

FlexGrid Performance and Data Enhancements

The C1FlexGrid control recognizes the IC1CollectionView interface and exposes extended functionality such as grouping, sorting, filtering, and adding new items. FlexGrid uses the C1CollectionView automatically when you set it's ItemsSource property to an object that is not an ICollectionView already. This release also marks the first official release of FlexGrid for WinRT XAML and you will notice performance and inertial scrolling enhancements. Learn more.

New Tile Controls

Create tiled displays and navigation hubs with ComponentOne Tiles™ for WinRT XAML. Tiles make it easy to replicate the Windows 8 start screen experience in your own app. Get several different tile controls that support sliding and flipping animations with live updates. Combine tiles with different containers to achieve endless layout possibilities. Learn more.

New TreeView Control (Beta)

Get a hierarchical view of your data items with ComponentOne TreeView™ for WinRT XAML (Beta). The familiar TreeView UI is now available for Windows 8 applications. Supports collapsible nodes, hierarchical templates, check box nodes, editing, and drag-and-drop operations (mouse only in Beta version). Learn more.

PdfViewer Enhancements

PdfViewer has several enhancements including horizontal orientation support and text search. PdfViewer can also now load encrypted documents and load asynchronously with the LoadDocumentAsync method. Also, the new GetPages method exposes the collection of pages as FrameworkElements enabling you to work with C1PdfViewer in new and different ways. For example, get the pages and display them in a different container or send them to a printer. Learn more.

New Zip Library

ComponentOne Zip™ for WinRT XAML provides a complete implementation of the Zip compression standard. Improve the performance of your Windows Store apps by compressing the data sent over the wire and securing it with data encryption. The C1Zip library is the only complete, cross-platform Zip implementation. Learn more.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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