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Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v3 Release Notes

We have just made Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v3 available (download it here). This release focuses on maintenance, usability, and compatibility with Visual Studio 2013. For your convenience, I am posting a list of compatibility notes and a list of fixes for each sub-Studio (Desktop and HTML). If you would rather just read the Release Notes, I linked them below and they are also installed with the Studio.

Fixes and Announcements for Studio for LightSwitch HTML


  • This version of Studio for LightSwitch HTML is powered by Wijmo Professional version 3.20133.18.
  • Make sure you are using the correct default.html file: The NuGet package Wijmo for LightSwitch HTML Client includes a modified version of default.htm that includes references to the Wijmo scripts and stylesheets. As of this version, this file is compatible with Visual Studio 2013 RTM only. (If you are using Visual Studio 2013 Preview, search the file for a comment containing the word “Preview” and follow the instructions.) The package also installs a file named default2013.htm that is identical to default.htm. If you did not overwrite default.htm during package installation and you are using Visual Studio 2013, use this file instead of the original default.htm. If you are still using Visual Studio 2012 (Update 2 or greater), you should use the file default2012.htm instead. Rename or delete the original default.htm and then rename default2012.htm to default.htm.



  • The editing screen template now supports the tab key. See the Release Notes for instuctions to add this support to your projects.
  • Added the Redraw method to ensure proper column rendering when closing an Add/Edit screen that was invoked by a custom command button. See the Release Notes for more details.
  • Added support for the RowMapper callback function to the object returned by the call to c1ls.getGridContent. If specified, this function is called on each row that is retrieved from the data source, giving you the opportunity to replace null values or initialize unbound columns. See the Release Notes for more details.
  • There were problems when editing and paging templates were used in the same project. See the Release Notes installed with the Studio for LightSwitch HTML for details on how to resolve the problem.
  • Columns were incorrectly sized when switching tabs after filtering with built-in controls.
  • Could not navigate to the next page after filtering is removed.
  • Opening a filter dropdown in the paging screen incorrectly invoked the Tap action.
  • All rows were not shown in the paging screen after applying or removing a filter.
  • Could not navigate to the last page a second time after sorting a column.
  • “Screen is undefined” error when a custom method is used for a Tap action.
  • The Next button was not available in the paging template the second time after opening the Add/Edit dialog when the final page had been previously displayed.


  • When monthRows and/or monthCols is > 1, selecting a date in a month other than the first one no longer moved that month to the first position. To apply this fix, delete and regenerate the render method for the affected controls.
  • It was not possible to navigate back to the previous page after opening an editable grid screen.
  • Fixed regression error (Unable to get property ‘getRowInfo’ of undefined or null reference) when clicking the upper-left cell in the header row when a Tap action was defined.


  • Hidden columns such as RowVersion are now excluded from dropdown field lists.

Fixes and Announcements for Studio for LightSwitch Desktop


  • The extensions in this studio version use ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight version 5.0.20133.367.
  • When using the latest version of Visual Studio 2013, some users may experience problems. This can often be resolved by running the C1BulbChanger (in the tools menu). See the Release Notes for more troubleshooting information.



  • The application would freeze after attempting to filter 3000 rows a second time.
  • Formatting specified in the data designer is now honored.
  • Fixed error when clicking a link column for a related table.
  • Enabled sorting for columns that are related to another table.
  • Columns that are not in view are now auto-sized.
  • When TextWrapping is enabled for a column, rows that are not in view are now auto-sized.
  • Formatting specified in the data designer is now honored in FlexGrid Numeric and Date/Time columns.
  • Fixed regression in Silverlight assemblies where images/labels were missing from some commands in the ribbon toolbar.


  • Toolbar was not hidden after setting the type to None.
  • The ReadOnly property now works correctly.


  • Fixed invalid cast exception that occurred when saving favorites containing filters on a strongly-typed LightSwitch object.


  • The appointments dialog now supports Right-To-Left in the Hebrew culture.


  • Fixed exception that occurred when interacting with a viewer control in SSRS mode when the parent screen is reopened.


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