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SpreadJS V10 SP1 Release

SpreadJS V10 SP1 has now been released. This release fixes many reported issues. Here is a list of the resolved issues:

  • Spread now works correctly with a list validator. [230436]

  • The formula text box is now initialized correctly. [230201]

  • The copyTo method now works correctly when using arrow keys to select data. [230117]

  • The designer now correctly loads certain Excel-formatted files. [229685]

  • Copying a range that contains a formula error now works correctly. [229438]

  • Spread now works correctly with the Apple Magic mouse. [229314]

  • Exporting to an Excel-formatted file on a MAC now works correctly. [229155]

  • The custom culture list separator now works correctly with the formula text box. [229050]

  • Copying from a text editor to Spread now works correctly. [228942]

  • Performance has been enhanced when loading JSON files. [228576]

  • The resumeCalcService method now works correctly when pasting conditional formatting. [228445]

  • Pasting data from Excel has been enhanced. [228424]

  • The SelectionChanged event now works correctly. [228393]

  • The formula text box is now updated when using the setActiveSheet method. [228391]

  • The Enter key now works in some dialogs in the designer. [228016]

  • Frozen rows and columns now work correctly when leaving edit mode in a cell. [227553]

  • The all option in the ClipboardPasteOptions enumeration now works correctly with conditional formatting. [227261]

  • Filtering now works correctly. [226718]

  • The RangeChanged event now works correctly. [226395]

  • The INDEX formula now works correctly. [226384]

  • Custom names now work correctly with parentheses. [225658]

  • Decimal values now work correctly with Finnish culture settings. [225057]

  • Pasting now works correctly when the copyPasteHeaderOptions enumeration is set to allHeaders. [225038]

  • The allowExtendPasteRange option now works correctly when Spread is bound using the setDataSource method. [224735]

  • Dates are now displayed correctly when editing. [224638]

  • Formulas now update correctly when inserting cells. [223884]

  • The setRowVisible and setColumnVisible methods now work correctly. [223877]

  • Named styles are now exported correctly. [223707]

  • Copying and pasting data now works correctly. [223242]

  • Formulas are now updated correctly. [222576]

  • The designer now exports SSJSON files correctly. [222218]

  • Formatting now works correctly with certain culture settings. [221978]

  • The migration file has been updated. [221858]

  • Binding to an empty data source now works correctly. [221842]

The ReadMe is located here: You can get the download here:


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