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SpreadJS Hotfix 12.0.6 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 12.0.6 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 12.0.6:

  • 268403: Fixed an issue that caused the DataValidation List to not work on mobile platforms.
  • 268963: Fixed an exporting exception that is thrown when importing a special Excel file.
  • 267207: Fixed a problem with the cell boundary line not being drawn when the height or width of the sheet is in the vicinity.
  • 268989: Fixed an issue with setting a style option in the formatting dialog.
  • 268967: Fixed a problem that causes a string to be added to the series name in combo charts.
  • 268906: Corrected a problem with charts not displaying correctly after loading to a sheet.
  • 268624: Fixed performance issues when applying multi-validation to the sheet.

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Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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