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SpreadJS 2014v2 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Spread 2014v2 has landed! SpreadJS 2014 v2 is the second release of 2014, with lot of cool features and some customer bug fixing. Array formula has been added in this release. We have also added Formula Textbox widget which allow you select reference by mouse during editing formula, Comment, Floating Object, Sparklines extension and more. In addition, we made some foundation improvement in this release: remove JQuery-UI dependency, and enhance pluggable modules, also serialization ssjson size was reduced as well. Features in this release includes:

  • Array Formula Now you can use Ctrl+Shift+Enter key to enter an array formula for a range of cells. An array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations on one or more of the items in an array. Formula TextBox The formula text box control gives you Excel-like formula editing and can be placed anywhere on the page. Comment You can add a comment to a cell or range of cells. The comment may contain text such as a note, a question, or documentation describing the origin of the cell's value. Foundation Improvements Improve foundation to make SpreadJS more independent and provide better performance like remove JQuery-UI dependency, reduce JSON serialization size, pluggable enhancement, ExcelIO self-host... FloatingObject Each sheet can have many floating panels that can contain any HTML elements. You can use it to add any control into your spreadsheet, for example you can add wijmo Chart widget to show a chart in the sheet. Sparkline Extension Provide three new types of Sparkline: Pie, Area, and Scatter. And now you can easily add a sparkline by using formulas syntax. More...

For more details in this release, please visit the what's new page. And you can also visit SpreadJS product page for more information of the product.


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