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SpreadJS 2014v1 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Spread 2014v1 has landed! SpreadJS 2014 v1 is the first release of 2014, with many new features. Full touch support has been added in this release. We have also added Picture support, Structured References, and more. Performance has also been improved, initializing, data loading, and UI operations are much faster. Features in this release includes:

  • Touch Support Touch Support provides Excel 2013 like UI touch behavior and appearance. This helps the end-user easily operate the spread control by using touch in a web application which runs in a touch-able device. Performance Enhancement We improved performance of UI operations like scrolling, selection, editing, initializing and data binding, no matter how large the data source is, SpreadJS spends same time for initializing and data loading, try the sample in action here. Picture Support Now each sheet can have its own picture layer that can contain any image. Structure Reference Make it much easier and more intuitive to work with table data when you are using formulas that reference a table, either portions of a table or the entire table. PDF Export Now the ExcelIO service support PDF export. Named Style Now the “style” has a name property, you can use the name to apply the style to cells (or rows or columns), that provides an easy way to change a style for bunch of cells by changing a named style setting. Text Decoration Now you can use underline, strikethrough, and overline to decorate text in cells.* More...

For more details in this release, please visit the what's new page. And you can also visit SpreadJS product page for more information of the product.


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