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SpreadJS 11 Service Pack 1 is Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of SpreadJS 11's first service pack! Service Pack 1 includes quite a few great enhancements that brings the user's experience even closer to Excel.

Undo/Redo enhancement

In previous versions, undo and redo for custom commands had to be handled with multiple functions. Now the user only needs to define the "execute" function, making it much simpler.

FilterDialog UI enhancement

SpreadJS now supports tree hierarchies in the filter dialog, useful for dates and outlines. The hierarchies support conditional filters like text, number, and date, as well as color.

Tree hierachies in dates

Tree hierachies in folder structures

Menu tree hierarchies

Tree hierarchies for colors

Protection Options enhancement

More protection options have been added to the sheet, including allowDragInsertRows/Columns, allowInsertRows/Columns, and allowDeleteRows/Columns. These options can also be set in the designer.

Custom IconSet

You can now add custom icons for individual IconCriterion in a custom icon set.

Custom icon set

Diagonal line

Diagonal line borders are now supported in cells and ranges. Several line styles are included, and they'rer supported in JSON serialize/deserialize, ExcelIO, and printing.

Diagonal lines in borders

DiagonalUp and diagonalDown

Vertical text

SpreadJS now supports vertical text in cells, just like Excel. Properties include alignment, indent, word-wrap, etc.

Vertical text

Wrapped vertical text

Double underline

This feature is similar to the single underline support currently in SJS, but now provides a double underline option—ideal for any financial or accounting application. This also works well with the Cell Alignment, ForeColor, WordWrap, Indent, ShrinkToFit, and CellOverflow options.

Double underline for financial and accounting apps

For a detailed listing of fixed issues, please see the Release Notes for each platform.

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Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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