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Spread WinRT for Windows Store Apps Released!!!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WinRT, the fastest and easiest way to deploy powerful spreadsheets in your Windows Store apps! If you have Windows 8, you can download the control explorer demo application from the Windows Store now. Here is a snapshot of Spread WinRT in action: Spread WinRT Control Explorer demo showing an imported Excel workbook Spread WinRT is based on the powerful Spread WPF-Silverlight controls, and brings all the data visualization and calculation features of Spread into your Windows Store apps. Create custom calculators, dynamic interactive dashboards, rich colorful reports, and much more! Built-in support for loading and saving Excel 97-2010 file formats (XLS, XLSX, CSV) make it easy to move your existing Excel spreadsheets into your application and deploy spreadsheets in native Excel formats to your users. Spread WinRT in Visual Studio 2012 Spread WinRT is a Visual Studio 2012 WinRT XAML component for Windows Store app development. You can embed spreadsheets into your Windows store XAML apps just like you do any other WinRT XAML control (such as the controls in C1 Studio for WinRT XAML). The rich API for Spread WinRT provides a complete object model for the spreadsheet document, and a rich set of user interface events which your application can handle to customize the user experience. Spread Designer for Spread WinRT Spread WinRT is designed to provide an Excel-like user interface for spreadsheet navigation, editing, formula calculation, column/row resizing, range drag-drop and drag-fill, and other powerful spreadsheet UI elements such as table sorting and filtering. Spread WinRT includes the powerful Spread Designer tool (shown above), which enables you to create and design your spreadsheet interfaces much like you would in a spreadsheet program like Excel, entirely in design time and without writing any code. The Spread Designer can also import workbooks from Excel files, or import data from Access, SQL Server, or other data sources. Your changes are saved to a spreadsheet template that is automatically added to your project and loaded into the control in run time. And since the Spread WinRT control uses the same SSXML file format for spreadsheet templates as the Spread WPF and Spread Silverlight controls, all template files created with those WPF and Silverlight controls will load directly into the Spread WinRT control and its Spread Designer tool, making it very easy to port your existing WPF and Silverlight applications using Spread to the Windows RT platform and sell them in the Windows 8 Store. Download the free 30-day trial of Spread WinRT today!


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