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Spread v10 SP2 Release

We've released Spread V10 SP2. This release adds several features and fixes many reported issues. The biggest new feature is for SpreadJS.Sheets: Support for Angular! Here is a list of the resolved issues:


Release Notes for Version 10.40.20174.0 Enhancements

  • Added Spread Designer events
    • Open
    • Save
    • Print with PrintOption enums ToPrinter and ToPDF
  • Supports 300 High DPI in .NET framework 4.7

Resolved Issues

  • Chart lines are now imported correctly. [235001]
  • Text is now displayed correctly. [232010]
  • Title and subtitle text is now displayed correctly. [231945]
  • Percentage value over Int32.MaxValue can now be set to GeneralCellType. [231171]
  • SelectionChanging event now returns the correct range when selected from the keyboard. [230351]
  • The thickness of borders is now uniform. [225700]
  • The Pixel setting of Font.Unit is now available when TextCellType.TextOrientation is set to TextOrientation. [226565]
  • The Excel file is now exported correctly even when large values are assigned to SmartPrintPagesTall property. [231196]
  • The application now works efficiently even when a sheet instance is repeatedly added and removed. [231934]
  • DropDown buttons for locked InputMan cells now appear disabled when the VisualStyles property is set to Off. [232693]
  • Improved memory consumption while using a shape that includes long text. [226568]
  • Spread Designer is now positioned correctly in the primary display when opened from a Spread context menu on a form. [229470]
  • Spread Designer now works correctly when the column count is greater than 500. [231261]


Release notes for Version 10.40.20175.0 Resolved Issues

  • The common side event handler now works correctly with Spread in MVC. [234693]
  • The tooltip now changes correctly when using the ActiveSheetChanged event. [233087]
  • The printing feature in Spread ASP.NET now works correctly after Microsoft update KB4021558. [238292]
  • The TopRow property now works correctly. [236180]
  • Legend series in Stacked charts are now ordered correctly as they are plotted. [235814]
  • A message about a locked workbook structure no longer appears on saving an Excel file. [228405]


Release Notes for Version 10.2.0 Enhancements

  • Added support for Angular
  • Added new features to the Spread Designer
    • Cell padding and labels
    • Tag setting
    • Clipboard options
    • Range select
    • Calendar sparkline
  • Added a Korean culture option

Resolved Issues

  • You can now remove the border format of cells in the Designer. [239700]
  • You can now display the formula by using formulaTextBox. [239269]
  • The PrintInfo firstPageNumber is now correct and in sync with Excel. [238055]
  • Excel no longer opens with an error when there is no selection. [237001]
  • Opening an Excel file that has formulas with named cells and VLOOKUP no longer results in #NAME?. [237984]
  • When a sheet name starts with a number, a sheet reference error no longer occurs. [238755]
  • The Globalization sample now works correctly. [239588]
  • There is no longer unexpected behavior when using the clipboard with Ctrl+Z for the ExcelMobileSample. [238554]
  • The typeScript definition v10.1.0 no longer throws a compilation error. [237165]
  • When a whole floatingObjec is in one cell, it now resizes correctly. [236689]

You can get more information in the ReadMe: Spread Studio or SpreadJS You can download either version here:


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