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Spread.Services releases new service pack with enhanced SpreadJS JSON support

Spread.Services, GrapeCity's new spreadsheet API, released in September, and its first Service Pack is officially available for download! The Service Pack includes several enhancements and two major features: enhanced JSON support for SpreadJS and support for Xamarin.iOS apps.

The JSON support is especially exciting, as it means SpreadJS customers will be able to consume JSON data with the fastest spreadsheet API available. Support includes chart SSJSON and data validation SSJSON. The Spread.Services is available to use in your applications today. SpreadJS customers can take full advantage of these new enhancements with the Spread.Services $599 upgrade. (Contact to purchase.)

With support for Spread.Services in Xamarin.iOS, users can quickly generate powerful spreadsheets in their native mobile apps. The calc engine is not supported (yet), but you can easily disable that feature to integrate Spread.Services in your Xamarin.iOS spreadsheet apps.

More enhancements

  • Excel PageSetup options are now supported to manage printing.
  • Open options are now supported while opening Excel.
  • The RefersToR1C1 property in the IName interface is now supported.

Read the full service pack changelog

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Sean Lawyer

Sean Lawyer

Product Manager
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