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GrapeCity Spread Roadmap, 2018

This will be an exciting new year for GrapeCity Spread, and I'm pleased to present our awesome plans for 2018.

Spread.Services and Spread.NET supported on the DevChannel

Starting in January 2018, as SpreadJS has already been doing, Spread.Services and Spread.NET will both begin regular hot fix releases to the Spread Dev Channel for critical customer issues.

Spread.Services 2.0 releasing

In April 2018, Spread.Services 2.0 will release with PDF rendering of the generated spreadsheets on the server. In addition, Spread.Services 2.0 will add more APIs for more comprehensive Excel compatibility, including latest chart types, sparklines and functions.

In September 2018, Spread.Services for Java 2.0 will bring the power and speed of Spread to the Java world.

Spread.NET 12 and SpreadJS 12

Then in November 2018, Spread.NET 12 will release with further enhancements, including:

  • Speed and memory usage
  • More built-in data visualizations for building the best KPIs for business dashboards

Also coming in November 2018, SpreadJS 12 will release with enhancements including enhanced:

  • Tables
  • Cell type
  • Shapes
  • Rich-text formatting
  • And more

Service pack releases

Also coming in April 2018 are the first service pack releases of Spread.NET and SpreadJS version 11.x.20181, which will include all hot fix changes fully regression-tested and more.

In July 2018, the second service pack releases of Spread.NET and SpreadJS version 11.x.20182 will be released.

If you have questions or feature suggestions, please post to the Spread Forums or post a question to Spread Support.

Sean Lawyer

Sean Lawyer

Product Manager
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