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Significant Changes in Studio for WinForms 2014v3

There are lot of significant changes in ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 2014v3 release. Here in this article I will highlight the 3 major changes.

1. Integration of Assemblies

With the advent of 2014v3, all the assemblies included in the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms are integrated and combined together in a single package i.e. C1WinForms. With this change, the version number of all controls is now same. All subsequent updates and hotfixes will also include all assemblies with the same version number. The main reason behind doing this is to allow much better integration between our different controls. Also, few DLLs have direct references between them. For instance, the most obvious example is C1.Win.C1Report.4.dll which directly references C1.C1Report.4.dll) but in subsequent releases there will be more such references. In future versions, we will use our own controls in our other controls more. So essentially to avoid issues, all the assemblies would need to be updated together.

2. Change in installation path

Earlier when the Studio for WinForms is installed, the assemblies are saved in the folders 'v2' and 'v4' in the 'bin' folder of 'Studio for WinForms' but now it has been changed to 'v2.0' and 'v4.0' representing the framework of the control.

3. Upgrade using C1Live

With the release of [2014 - v3], we have bought a considerable change in C1Live as well. Now, you won't be able to update individual controls using C1Live utility as it does in the earlier versions. The feature has been wiped out from C1Live. Now the C1Live tool will update the whole C1 Studio i.e. all the ComponentOne Controls will be updated together in one go. The main reason behind doing this is integration of assemblies. So, to avoid issues in the integration of the assemblies, all the assemblies need to maintain the same version and therefore all the assemblies needs to get updated together. So, if you want to update the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms to 2014v3 version from any older version, C1Live tool will not help you out for this time. To upgrade your controls to 2014 - v3, you need to uninstall the previous version of ComponentOne Studio for WinForms from the system completely and then install the latest version [2014v3] of ComponentOne Studio for WinForms from the following URL:


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