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Reports for WinForms: Supporting 35+ Barcodes!

Our Reports for WinForms barcode engine is more powerful than ever. In addition to supporting a total of 38 barcodes (new and old) we've added a host of new properties we think you'll love. If you're already using barcodes, fear not—existing codes will continue to use the old barcode engine.

New Barcodes Include:

  • PDF417 and MicroPDF417: Required in Transport Data reports, ID cards and inventor management
  • Data Matrix: Required in document management apps, postal services and medical reports.
  • Intelligent Mail: Mailing labels and letter reports in US Postal Services.
  • And more! Full list below.

Complete List of Barcodes

  • Ansi39
  • Ansi39x
  • Code2of5
  • Code25intlv
  • Matrix2of5
  • Code39
  • Code39x
  • Code128A
  • Code128B
  • Code128C
  • Code128auto
  • Code93
  • Code93x

  • MSI

  • PostNet
  • Codabar
  • EAN8
  • EAN13
  • UPCA
  • UPCE0
  • UPCE1
  • RM4SCC
  • UCCEAN128
  • QRCode
  • Code49
  • JapanesePostal

  • Pdf417

  • EAN128FNC1
  • RSS14
  • RSS14Truncated
  • RSS14Stacked
  • RSS14StackedOmnidirectional
  • RSSExpanded
  • RSSExpandedStacked
  • RSSLimited
  • DataMatrix
  • MicroPDF417
  • IntelligentMail

New Barcode Properties

In addition to the new barcodes, we've also added multiple properties, all available in Barcode Options.

  • BarDirection: Gets or sets the barcode's direction.
  • CaptionGrouping: Indicates whether to split the caption text into groups for barcode types that support it.
  • CaptionPosition: Specifies the vertical position of caption relative to barcode.
  • CheckSumEnabled: Specifies whether a checksum of the barcode will be computed and included in barcode when applicable.
  • TextAlign: Specifies the caption text alignment.
  • SupplementNumber: Specifies the supplement for the barcode data, supplement is 2/5 digit for EAN/UPC symbologies.
  • BarHeight: Specifies the bar height in twips.
  • ModuleSize: Specifies the barcode module size in twips.
  • NarrowWideRatio: Specifies the ratio between narrow and wide bars.
  • SizeMode: Specifies the barcode sizing mode.
  • SupplementSpacing: Specifies the spacing between the main and supplement barcodes in twips.

You'll also have access to barcode-specific properties, which you'll be able to read more about in documentation.

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All barcodes will be available with the ship of 2015 v2, due out the week of July 15. If you're already an account member, you'll see the announcement soon. If not, create an account today to keep apprised of our 2015 releases! Send me news! >> [See more 2015 v2 features >>](


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