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It's Always Sunny at Philly Code Camp

Over the weekend of March 23, I had the opportunity to head back across the state for the Philly.NET Code Camp. I've been attending as a sponsor for several years. This is easily one of the best-run code camps that I attend, and the volunteers and staff are very accommodating.

In addition to the laid-back atmosphere and awesome venue (Microsoft Training Center in Malvern), they always have a wide variety of sessions to satisfy even the most tentative palettes. With sessions ranging from Kubernetes, chatbots, and machine learning to the future of C#, there's bound to be something for everyone.

I couldn’t attend any of the sessions due to the large number of attendees (a very good thing), but luckily, I was able to catch some of them after the fact. This year was the first year they live-streamed some of the sessions, which is an awesome opportunity for you to experience some of the content. The videos have been uploaded to their PhillyDotNet YouTube channel. Great videos, highly recommended!

Here's a video of one of the sessions. We just released some great Razor Pages scaffolders and templates, so it's especially relevant for us.

So to recap, if you’re on the east coast and even remotely close to the Philadelphia area, mark your calendar for PhillyDotNet 2019!

Justin Mack

Director of Customer Engagement
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