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New hires should look to tech for jobs

As the labor market for the top tech jobs continues to tighten, specialization and diversification in skills for many new workers is becoming more important. Knowing both how to converse about a large range of problems and coding languages as they pop up for new talent is as critical as having an in-depth knowledge of some of the more nuanced systems. Common combinations, such as HTML5/jQuery, can provide strong Web content that translates easily to mobile applications, which is excellent for the new direction that many social media companies are taking toward status as e-commerce sites.

HTML5 and mobility
For those currently entering the job market, a strong understanding of how to best market themselves as applicants involves understanding the current trends of the technical sector. According to Digital Trends, Twitter is likely to introduce a "buy" button to its social media service later this year, which signals the beginning of the new race to monetize social content online. There is no single language that is so powerful for allowing for consistent, strong delivery of content across different devices than HTML5, and when used alongside Java in the HTML5/jQuery combo, its presence can be a powerful force for new hires that want a job in tech.

Because of the rise of cell phones and tablets - even Chromebooks - the new force for monetization is mobile- and Web-based. Companies are struggling to figure out how best to make money off of the mobile populace, and one of the cleanest ways to do so is to make sure that their e-commerce platforms are suitable for those browsing at home and on the go.

The demand for new workers
In a recent article, Fortune writer Michal Lev-Ram wrote that, "if there's one thing the tech sector gets, it's that people -- more than any other resource -- are a company's most valuable asset." Workers that are highly skilled can do very well in the technical sector, with options to work in a dizzying variety of teams and under many different organizational structure. For the majority of these companies, the overwhelming need to go mobile and reach people in a variety of settings means that they need workers who understand how to best use an HTLM5 form in order to connect with a new audience. For tech companies, even more than for the employees who work with them, mobility is key to success.


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