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Major Architectural Changes in C1Report

Many of our customers have asked us queries in which they face problems while upgrading C1Report from an old version to the new one (especially when it is done from 2008 to the later versions). This is mainly because of the architectural changes in the control that have taken place over the period of time. This article mentions the two major changes in C1Report and some steps to resolve upgradation issues :

A. Merging of C1Report and C1Preview into one product called ComponentOne Reports for .Net (C1Report)

Till 2008V2, C1Report and C1Preview were shipped as different dll(s). From build 2.6.20082.50035 both the controls were merged into a single C1Report product consisting of 2 assemblies. 1. C1.C1Report.x.dll where x is 2 or 4 depending on the .Net Framework for which the control is meant. This dll contains C1Report, C1RDLReport, C1PrintDocument and C1MultiDocument controls 2. C1.Win.C1Report.x.dll where x is 2 or 4 depending on the .Net Framework for which the control is meant. This dll contains following WinForms Preview controls which are used to view C1Report or C1PrintDocument contents :

  • C1PreviewPane
  • C1PrintPreviewControl
  • C1PrintPreviewDialog
  • C1PreviewThumbnailView
  • C1PreviewOutlineView
  • C1PreviewTextSearchPanel

_Note : The 4.0 version was introduced in C1Report build 4_4.6.20101.54108._ When migrating an older application to newer version of C1Report, following changes should be made : Step 1 - References to either of C1.Win.C1Report.2.dll, C1.C1Preview.2.dll, or C1.Win.C1Preview.2.dll must be replaced with references to two assemblies: C1.C1Report.2.dll C1.Win.C1Report.2.dll Step 2 - Change the component names in licenses.licx file : replace C1.Win.C1Report.C1Report with C1.C1Report.C1Report replace C1.Win.C1Report.2 with C1.C1Report.2 replace C1.Win.C1Preview.2 with C1.Win.C1Report.2 replace C1.C1Preview.2 with C1.C1Report.2 Step 3 - In your code, replace namespace "C1.Win.C1Report" with "C1.C1Report" (namespace "C1.Win.C1Report" no longer exists).

B. As an addition over previous builds, now C1Studio for Winforms ships with the source code of the ReportDesigner Application.

The C1ReportDesigner control was available as a separate entity. Only the ReportDesigning tool, an Application was a part of the C1Report but without the source code. Users had to purchase the C1ReportDesigner edition to get the source code of the application. Now, the C1ReportDesigner is shipped with the C1Studio for Winforms and one need not buy a separate license for it, 2011V3 onwards. The serial key of the C1Studio for Winforms now can be used to activate the ReportDesigner Control on your system. Once the C1Studio for Winforms is installed you can find the two new dll(s) namely, 'C1.Win.C1ReportDesigner.2.dll/C1.Win.C1ReportDesigner.4.dll'and 'C1.C1Report.CustomFields.2.dll/C1.C1Report.CustomFields.4.dll' in the bin folder at the installation path.


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