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LightSwitch for Cloud Business Apps 2015 v3 Release

LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps v3 2015 release is available. With this release, we added Input controls and a Calendar control to our Cloud Business Apps lineup.

Calendar for LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps

Select a date from a month calendar, navigating through days, months, and years. Use the Min and Max properties to restrict the selectable dates, or customize the calendar by setting the DisplayMonth property.

Input Controls for LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps

Help your users input data and navigate your applications with Input controls for Cloud Business Apps. From simple Text Input controls to more complex Color Pickers, Cloud Business Apps has you covered.


Enable end users to filter item lists dynamically as they type, and select a value directly from a drop-down list. AutoComplete makes it easier for a user to search and filter specific data field(s) from an array or a dynamic list. Dynamic data retrieval allows AutoComplete to work with very large lists, which would be impractical to load onto the client.

ComboBox for LightSwitch

ComboBox automatically completes and selects and item as the user types, and allows users to type values that are not included in the data source. Populate the ComboBox from an array or from a dynamic list, or display values through complex bindings.


Display a list of values, either in plain text or HTML, and allow users to select a single value, or enable multiple selection by displaying a checkbox against each item. The ListBox control shows string values from a data source or displays values through complex binding.


Add a drop-down list with multiple selection to your application. Fully customize the header, which shows up to two of the items selected, and the item count beyond that. Control the maximum number of items to display, the message displayed when no items are selected, and the format string to show the item count.


Modify the time portion of a date by editing the time, or by selecting the time from a dropdown list.


Edit and select dates through a dropdown calendar.


Select colors by typing in HTML-supported color strings, or by picking colors from a drop-down ColorPicker control.


The InputNumber control allows you to edit numbers, preventing you from entering invalid data and optionally formatting the numeric value as it is edited. Edit numeric values or use spinner buttons to increment or decrement the current value.


Built-in masks prevent users from entering invalid information with InputMask.


Enter or edit a color by selecting from a customizable color palette. ColorPicker aids in color selection by clicking on panels to adjust channels, such as hue, saturation, brightness, and alpha.

Menu provides a simple dropdown list with clickable items for your LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps.


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