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JuiceUI has a new flavor, Wijmo

A couple months ago, appendTo released Juice UI, an easy to use framework for building ASP.NET WebForms applications with jQueryUI. Today, we introduced Wijmo Open for Juice UI. I definitely recommend you head over to Chris Bannon’s blog and check out what we have to offer in the suite. In the cliff note, we offer 18 open source widgets from Wijmo exposed as ASP.NET Extenders. If you’re using WebForms for new or legacy applications, check Wijmo Open for Juice UI out!

Simple Demo: Building a Dialog

Let’s assume you have a simple Panel element on your page:

<asp:Panel runat="server" ID="myDialog">  
            Hello World!</h2>  
            Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet shoulder tenderloin strip steak ham hock pork loin pancetta.  
            Pancetta t-bone meatball shank prosciutto. Ball tip shoulder ribeye, capicola jerky  
            beef ribs meatball leberkas tongue shank t-bone hamburger prosciutto filet mignon  
            kielbasa. Kielbasa swine frankfurter shoulder rump, tongue ham. Sausage pork chop  
            jerky boudin bresaola ground round. Jerky sausage strip steak, fatback filet mignon  
            shankle meatloaf jowl pork loin speck. Ribeye ham short loin tenderloin short ribs  
            venison shankle, jowl shoulder.</p>  

You want to turn the contents of that Panel into a dialog. That’s as easy as two lines of markup implementing Wijmo extenders! Make sure you set the correct TargetControlID, or else things won’t work correctly.

<wijmo:WijDialog runat="server" Title="My Awesome Wijmo Dialog" TargetControlID="myDialog">  

Build and run the application, and you’re greeted with this awesome looking dialog.  Wijmo and Juice UI did all the work for you! [![image](// "image")](//


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