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Introducing the MVC Wijmo CTP

Exciting news around the office! Yesterday we dropped a CTP version of our Wijmo tools for MVC. I encourage you all to download the the CTP for free and give it a test drive.

Wijmo, for those that don't know, is our new web component suite built to extend the powerful widgets you get in jQueryUI. If you're already a web developer using jQuery and jQueryUI, you already have the skill sets necessary to build great looking web applications. If you don't know jQuery, or have been thinking about giving it a try, Wijmo is a perfect product to help you get started down the road. Within minutes you'll be building beautiful web applications that your boss or clients will think have taken you hours and hours of work.

What's Inside

Wijmo Open and Complete

We're offering the latest version of the Wijmo widgets, both Open and Complete. The Wijmo suite builds on top of jQueryUI, and easily leverages the skills you already have. The following widgets are found in the latest version:

Wijmo Open

Wijmo Complete

  • Accordion
  • Calendar
  • Dialog
  • Expander
  • Form Decorator
  • List
  • Menu
  • ProgressBar
  • Slider
  • Splitter
  • Super Panel
  • Tabs
  • Tooltip

  • Charts

  • Combobox
  • Grid
  • Input
  • Pager
  • Tree
  • Wizard

Wijmo Scaffolding

In the CTP, we're offering you a new project type "ASP.NET MVC 3 Wijmo Application".


This project type takes the traditional ASP.NET MVC template, and adds in Wijmo automatically. The end result is a nicer looking MVC site:


This is just a starting point though! Create your models, and use the built in Scaffolding features to automatically create views powered by Wijmo. No additional code needed. For a quick look at what you can do with the CTP, check out this video.


To better help you get started using Wijmo and the MVC features, we're including three sample applications for you to play with.


This sample provides you with a basic To Do list enhanced with Wijmo.


By taking advantage of the Wijmo Scaffolding project type, you'll see how we're able to take data annotated models and turn them into more functional components. For example, the Priority item is marked up in our model like so:


When the view is rendered, Wijmo knows how to display this for easy to use user interfaces If you don't want the slider control, remove the UIHint data annotation from the model property.


This sample shows off the awesome power of our charting and grid components, by showing you stock market charts rendered completely in HTML and CSS (hint: these components work perfectly on your mobile devices. No plugins required.).



This sample is a general overview of several of the components found in the Wijmo suite, all running within a MVC application.





Last thing in the box is a PDF with all the information you need to get up and running with Wijmo in MVC. Learn how to use all of our components and start building your applications. Each component has examples, so you're not guessing how to use it. Details documentation can always be found on the Wijmo site.

Go Download Today!

Head over to and download the new MVC Wijmo CTP today.

If you run into any problems, or have suggestions on how we can make Wijmo better, please let me know.

Kevin Griffin


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