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GrapeCity’s ng-conf 2023 Recap

Taking place only a few blocks from the heart of downtown Salt Lake City at the charming Little America Hotel, ng-conf 2023 was everything I had been looking forward to for over a year. From exploring the vibrant city of Salt Lake City to our booth presence and attending insightful presentations, ng-conf exceeded all of our expectations. In this retrospective blog, I will dive into:

  • Salt Lake City's Scenic Backdrop

  • Engaging Booths

  • Insightful Presentations

Salt Lake City's Scenic Backdrop

Salt Lake City provided the perfect setting for ng-conf 2023. Nestled in picture-esque colorful mountains, with its safe, walkable streets and convenient, free public transportation, the city allowed us to immerse ourselves in the conference experience fully. The area north of the Little American Hotel, where the conference occurred, offered enchanting sights and a vibrant atmosphere.

Engaging Booths

There were many elaborate booths on the exhibitor floor, all showcasing their unique products for the JavaScript community. Our booth showcased GrapeCity’s JavaScript Product Line, with ActiveReports Product Consultant Caleb Gecovich and myself engaging with attendees. We had the pleasure of both giving a brief overview of our products and diving deep into technical discussions with the enthusiastic crowd.

Attendees were thrilled to receive GrapeCity-branded goodies, including our popular I Heart Code and throwback tees, pens, lanyards, water bottles, USB fans, totes, and socks. It was incredible to witness the overwhelming response, with only a handful of pens and lanyards left by the end of the event.

Insightful Presentations

ng-conf featured a series of insightful presentations, offering valuable knowledge and inspiration. One notable presentation from Stephen Fluin focused on the pain points of updating Angular applications from some of the early versions to the latest release. Learning about the different approaches developers employed to tackle this challenge was fascinating.

A particularly amusing moment occurred when the presenter humorously suggested, "You could also rip out your application and put it into a fresh Angular shell." This relatable remark drew laughter from the audience, reminding us of developers' shared experiences and how sometimes the simplest solution could be the best.

We also had the opportunity to present our JavaScript product offerings at the main conference stage. Please take a look at our presentation in full, with additional commentary in our ng-conf recap video.


ng-conf 2023 was an unforgettable experience for our team. From immersing ourselves in the charm of Salt Lake City to engaging with attendees at our booth and attending and giving insightful presentations, we left feeling inspired and connected within the Angular community.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the organizers for hosting such a tremendous event and look forward to returning next year. We invite you to watch us recap details about our ng-conf experience, including our presentation with additional commentary video for further information.

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