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GrapeCity Launches Wijmo 2015 v2 and Introduces the Only All-In-One Financial Chart for HTML5

_Cutting-Edge JavaScript Controls for Building Modern Web and Mobile Applications _ PITTSBURGH, PA – July 23, 2015 – GrapeCity Inc., leaders in developer-productivity solutions, has announced the release of Wijmo 2015 v2, its line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for enterprise application development. The v2 release includes the first industry-specialized control (Wijmo FinancialChart) for creating stunning stock market visualizations, and a new sample (FlexSheet) available in ExcelBook which provides users a powerful and familiar tool for analyzing data. “We’ve focused on the business application developer in our v2 release and addressed a gap in the component market by offering an expert-level control to the financial industry that provides advanced and highly specialized chart types,” said Chris Bannon, product manager at GrapeCity. The Wijmo FinancialChart control is designed to be used with financial data, such as in a stock market application. Users can analyze with trendlines, filters, range selections and annotations, all with minimal coding. In the live FinancialChart demo posted on the company website, users can interact with the chart control and see that this full-service control offers everything one would need to get started on a full stock market application, directly out-of-the-box. “While it remains compact and customizable, like our other Wijmo controls, it is also nearly a full application, providing multiple specialized financial chart types all together, a benefit unavailable in other products on the market,” said Bannon. With Wijmo 5, GrapeCity rewrote their controls and chose to target modern browsers, enabling them to create fast and lightweight controls. Adding to this, Wijmo 5 controls offer developers an array of extensibility points so that they can extend and enhance the control based on their individual needs. “Our unique approach and advanced engineering is what makes FlexChart and its counterpart FlexGrid, so flexible and powerful,” stated Bannon. The Wijmo FlexGrid control is a JavaScript version of the .NET datagrid control famous for its performance, features, and flexibility. Further enhancing the Wijmo 2015 v2 release is the new DetailRow extension for FlexGrid. This extension adds a template and expandable row to FlexGrid that may be used to add expandable content to any row, offering increased interaction within the application. The Wijmo team launched FlexSheet, a fast and lightweight spreadsheet control. It offers the most important spreadsheet features from Excel such as a formula/calculation engine, cell formatting, freezing, filtering, undo/redo and more. In the v2 release, FlexSheet is provided as a sample application that highlights all of the top Excel-like features users are looking for in JavaScript in its new ExcelBook sample application. The official FlexSheet control is slated to release in mid-November of this year and until then, developers have access to the preview that offers Excel import and export, a built-in formula engine and much more. FlexSheet enables developers to add Excel-like spreadsheets to their applications, giving users a powerful and familiar tool for analyzing data. Rounding out the top additions in Wijmo 2015 v2 is the Popup control, which adds small overlays of content to an application, and MultiSelect, a dropdown control that supports multiple selections. “With our specialized FinancialChart control and Excel-like FlexSheet control, we are providing powerful data controls to our customers, and more importantly, empowering their end users with cutting-edge analytical tools,” said Bannon. Availability The company offers download and purchase options online at or by email at Resources StockChart demo (real-world sample of FinancialChart): FinancialChart Explorer: FinancialChart product page: FlexSheet sample: Release blog: About Wijmo Wijmo is a line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for enterprise application development. Owned and operated by GrapeCity Inc., Wijmo offers cutting-edge JavaScript controls (Wijmo 5) and classic jQuery widgets (Wijmo 3). Visit Follow @wijmo at and “Like” Wijmo on Facebook at


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