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GcDocs Hotfix Now Available

We've released a hotfix for all three .NET products in our GcDocuments line: GcPDF, GcWord, and GcExcel. With these products, you can generate, load, edit, and save spreadsheets, PDF, and DOCX files with no dependencies on Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat.

Hotfix for GcPDF API

Bug Fixes to GcPDF

  • Fixed a bug that occurred on merging PDF documents that contain Form Fields with children fields.

  • Fixed a bug that changed the visual appearance of Form fields on re-saving a PDF document.

  • Fixed a bug that caused exception on opening certain PDF files containing invalid values in DocumentCatalog\PageLayout and DocumentCatalog\PageMode properties.

Bug fixes to GcCommon

  • Fixed a bug with case-sensitivity in file names when enumerating fonts with FontCollection.RegisterDirectory under Windows.

Hotfix for GcExcel API

The following issue has been resolved since the last release: While exporting to PDF with FontsFolderPath property set, text will now be drawn completely without any issues.

Hotfix for GcWord API

Improvements to GcLayout (Word export to PDF)

  • Improved picture positioning and paragraph with pictures positioning and splitting.

  • Improved paragraph alignment support: ParagraphAlignment.Distribute and ParagraphAlignment.Both.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Roman list numbering.

Shilpa Sharma - Product Manager

Shilpa Sharma

Product Manager
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