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GanttView for WinForms First Look

One of the cool new controls in Studio for WinForms 2012 v2 is the GanttView control. GanttView can be used to deliver task management in a familiar Microsoft Project®-like way. The control provides both a tabular data grid and a graphical chart to help schedule, coordinate and track specific tasks in a project. [gallery link="file"]

Key Features

Support for .NET 2.0+

No matter whether you’re stuck in .NET 2.0 or targeting the latest .NET 4.5 Client Profile, C1GanttView will work for you.

Automatic and Manual Scheduling

Manual scheduling is the common way to schedule tasks. It enables the user to drag and drop task bars on the Gantt chart surface to determine their start and finish times, as well as dependencies. C1GanttView also supports the automatic scheduling mode from Microsoft Project that can generate a project schedule given basic requirements such as a start date, task durations and contraints.

Constraints and Predecessors

Constraints are a restriction set on the start or finish date of a task, such as “start no later than 7/1/2012.” Predecessors are like dependencies on other tasks, such as Task 2 requiring Task 1 to be completed before starting.

Milestones and Deadlines

Milestones and deadlines are simple graphical cues that show significant dates or landmarks within the project. A task that does not meet its deadline will display notifications to the user.


In addition to a task list, you can also manage a resource list with C1GanttView. Assign any number of resources to a task, such as people or materials, and even calculate total cost for that task.

Percent Complete

Each task bar can display a progress bar inside which shows the current progress. Users can adjust the percentage complete value through the grid or interacting with the chart.

Custom Columns

The C1GanttView control includes a default data model with numerous fields for storing task information. In addition, you can create custom columns that persist to data storage.

Load and Save as XML

The first release includes support for saving out to XML storage. The API includes a LoadXML and SaveXML method to store data at run-time.


The C1GanttView is a great addition to the Studio for WinForms offering. It can be used along-side many of our other controls to create a complete task scheduling application. Enhance the built-in toolstrip with an Office-inspired one using ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms. Or extend the view functionality by combining it with ComponentOne Scheduler for WinForms. The C1GanttView control is built off the popular C1FlexGrid control, because it is very much a datagrid at its core.

Gantt Schedule View Sample

Download a sample showing how to load task information from C1GanttView into C1Schedule. This enables another calendar-style view in addition to the standard Gantt chart view. Download Sample Download Studio for WinForms

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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