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FlexGrid Update Available (Build 46)

This prerelease version adds several new methods and properties:

  • Added SelectedItem, SelectedItems, SelectedIndex properties
  • Added CollapseGroupsToLevel (int level) method
  • Added simple Print method:
    Print(string docName), Print(string docName, scaleMode sm, Thickness margin, int maxPages)
  • Added Save(stream s, FileFormat f) method to save the grid to CSV, text and Html formats.
  • Added HitTest(Point) method to perform hit-testing without a MouseEventArgs
  • Added ColumnHeaderForeground and RowHeaderForeground properties
    These properties make the control easier to style in XAML
  • Improved Clipboard support with the following new property and methods:
    ClipboardPasteMode property
    Copy(), Paste() methods

Plus updated and new Samples:

Download Update<<

Instructions: Unzip the files and replace assemblies at C:_Program Files\ComponentOne\Studio for Silverlight 4\bin_, or _Studio for WPF\bin._

If you do not already have Studio for Silverlight or WPF installed, then you can simply just install one or both of those. They now include the FlexGrid update.

The new Print method simplifies printing. Just simply call the Print method in code.

c1FlexGrid1.Print("My Document", ScaleMode.PageWidth, new Thickness(96), 20);

The Print method can take several arguments including document title, scale mode (PageWidth, ActualSize, SinglePage, Selection), margin thickness (96 = 1 inch), and maximum page count.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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