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Export Anything, Anywhere: Introducing the New Web API

In a few weeks we'll be releasing 2015 v2, our second release for this calendar year. Along with a slew of other great new features, we'll be introducing Web API for MVC Edition in a technical preview that's sure to add a flexible import/export tool to your MVC arsenal. Web API will eventually be available across all of our browser platforms (Web Forms, WinRT, Silverlight) but for now it's only available in MVC.

Export Graphs and Charts to Images

Export any data management or visualization control to the format of your choice. With our Web API, you can create a pie chart and export it to an image, export your grid to Excel, or import a full Excel file into a FlexGrid. Export FlexChart for MVC, LinearGauge for MVC, and RadialGauge for MVC to any of these image types: pdf, jpg, bmp, gif, png, and tiff.

Full Visual Studio Integration

Web API services will be available as Visual Studio templates, so you can create services inside Visual Studio, allowing you further customization. Services include:

  • Image Service
  • Excel Import/Export Service

Import and Export Excel Files

Web API works with FlexGrid to import and export to and from Excel. It’s the ultimate flexibility for users.

  • Supports import and export of Excel file types xlsx, xls, and CSV
  • Export layout, style, and data, including headers and formatted text
  • Support grouped data
  • Support with or without column header
  • Import calculated values

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Stay tuned for more news about the Web API, and be sure to download the preview when it's available with the ship of 2015 v2, due out the week of July 15. If you're already an account member, you'll see the announcement soon. If not, create an account today to keep apprised of our 2015 releases! Send me news! >> **See more 2015 v2 features >>**


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