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Creating Report Categories

We use the Reports list to set report permissions and categories. But before we can set categories, we need to create them. We'll start by creating a "Quick Start" category under the root category. Then we'll create a sub-category called "HR" where we will place the Employee Directory report.

Creating a Quick Start Category

From the Administration section of the left menu, select Categories to display the Categories list, and click the Create category button. Add category dialog In the Add category dialog that appears, for the Name, enter "Quick Start." Ensure that the selected location is "Root" and click OK. The Quick Start category appears in the list like this. The Categories page with the new Quick Start category circled

Creating an HR Category

On the Categories list page, click the Create category button. In the Add category dialog that appears, for the name, enter "HR." Under Select location, choose "Quick Start" and click OK. The Add category dialog with HR for the name and Quick Start for the location The HR subcategory appears in the Categories list under the Quick Start parent node. When you nest categories this way, you can assign permissions for different departments or different companies by setting the top-level category, in this case Quick Start, as the root category for the role. Then all of the users in that role can see only the categories under the root category. The Categories page showing the HR category nested in the Quick Start category Back to ActiveReports Server Quick Start Previous: Viewing Reports | Next: Setting Report Permissions


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