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ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight M4-Check it out!

Calling all Silverlight enthusiasts.......ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight M4 has released. The M4 release adds thesegreat new features:

New control, Image Magnifier for Silverlight: Adds a magnifying glass over regular images allowing users to zoom in on parts of the image that contain interesting details. It is a convenient alternative to deep zoom technology with a familiar metaphor.New control, Color Picker for Silverlight: Allows users to select colors from professionally-designed palettes, or to build their own custom colors including support for transparency.Extended Rich TextBox for Silverlight: With a rich document model patterned after the Document class in WPF and support for images, lists, hyperlinks, borders, background and foreground colors for text ranges, and more.Enhanced DataGrid for Silverlight: In addition to the features supported by the Microsoft DataGrid control, the ComponentOne DataGrid offers improved editing (using ComponentOne Studio editors such as the NumericBox), and automatic data filtering with UI support.Extended Data for Silverlight: Now supports WPF/Silverlight data-binding and all bindable controls including the Microsoft DataGrid and Language Integrated Queries (Linq). It now uses familiar classes like DataSet, DataTable, and DataView for easier data manipulation and server communication.


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