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ComponentOne sponsors Day of .NET in Appleton Wi : recap

I got to tell you, the folks in that neck of the woods in Fox Valley, have a heart of gold. I witnessed a very strong and vibrant developer community while I was there. It was great to catch up with Clark Sell, Microsoft DE and he shared his plans for the must attend ‘That Conference’ later in August. I sat in on some Windows 8 sessions. I did a session on “Building a Windows 8 App from Scratch” and I showed off some of the tools in Studio for WinRT XAML. Hat’s off to Keith Burnell, Greg Levenhagen and all the other organizers and volunteers of the event. It is a well oiled machine with great content and great speakers. WP_20130504_005 I had a really great time chilling at the Leg Lamp Lodge for the speaker dinner. I love that lamp from “A Christmas Story”. They had several leg lamps that were fragile (that’s Italian). I also had a great time networking on College Ave with some great venues. IMG_6112IMG_6115IMG_6116IMG_6118IMG_6122IMG_6127IMG_6128IMG_6131IMG_6134IMG_6139IMG_6140IMG_6146IMG_6151IMG_6152IMG_6155IMG_6156IMG_6159IMG_6160IMG_6163IMG_6164IMG_6168IMG_6172IMG_6176IMG_6177IMG_6178IMG_6184 Photos of Day of .NET – Appleton, WI


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