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ComponentOne sponsors Costa Rica SQL Saturday #189 : Recap

It was an incredible weekend with close to 300 attendees for the second annual SQL Saturday/Code Camp in beautiful Costa Rica. Plenty of great sessions and great speakers were on hand from all over. In fact, I interviewed a good number of presenters from the US as well as Costa Rica. The SQL Saturday engine is a strong one I am finding, with many presenters traveling the circuit. I presented a session on building a Windows 8 app from scratch and showed the ComponentOne Tools, Studio for WinRT/XAML. The speaker dinner was sensational with a view like I have never seen before, way up high on a mountain looking down on San Jose. Hats off to Eduardo Castro and crew for flawless execution at this event! I love Costa Rica! Speaker Dinner: IMG_4968IMG_4945IMG_4930IMG_4924IMG_4917IMG_4915IMG_4913IMG_4907IMG_4878IMG_4870IMG_4869IMG_4867 SQL Saturday #189 IMG_5076IMG_5072IMG_5070IMG_5068IMG_5067IMG_5060IMG_5058IMG_5049IMG_5044IMG_5040IMG_5038IMG_5033IMG_5031IMG_5030IMG_5025IMG_5019IMG_5008IMG_5003537211_585814838103960_426131371_n Jaco Beach IMG_5655IMG_5614IMG_5604IMG_5582IMG_5577IMG_5549IMG_5518IMG_5514IMG_5437IMG_5409IMG_5407IMG_5376IMG_5375IMG_5374IMG_5333IMG_5323IMG_5321IMG_5310IMG_5306IMG_5272IMG_5262 Photos of Speaker Dinner Photos of SQL Saturday #189 Photos of Jaco Beach


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