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ComponentOne platinum sponsor for SMUG Dev 2013: Recap

When does Smug <> SMUG? The answer is when SMUG = Southern Most User Group, which meets in the southern most location of USA, Key West! It was the second annual SMUG event at Key West, conveniently scheduled right before the South Florida Code Camp. Hats off to Kevin Wolf, for organizing this event. It was a small crowd of about 25, but most were either MVPs, Microsoft Employees, User Group Leaders, corporate executives or industry influentials. So, the networking was second to none. I also loved the format of several 30 minute, rapid fire Microsoft Centric sessions. It kept it lively by changing up the presenters and having condensed information. Other conference organizers should take note on that format, because all loved it. It really maximized the time I felt. The presentations were awesome as well. Zack Williamson, the IT Guy, turned Windows 8 App developer, proves that anyone can build apps even if they are not a programmer. Well, guess what Zack, you are now a coder! I did a session on “HTML5 everywhere”, demonstrating how Wijmo works in any client side development in HTML5 environment. Cool stuff! The evening event was simple yet incredible, sunset. Nothing quite like it in Key West. IMG_2144 I love this shot above, taken moments after Microsoft’s Joe Healy filled everyone in on my recently announced INETA Lifetime Achievement award. That is why they are pointing to me! IMG_2310IMG_2309IMG_2308IMG_2305IMG_2288IMG_2267IMG_2255IMG_2249IMG_2247 IMG_2244IMG_2240IMG_2237IMG_2218IMG_2205IMG_2195IMG_2177IMG_2147IMG_2132IMG_2044IMG_2026IMG_2018IMG_2429IMG_2424IMG_2410IMG_2397IMG_2391IMG_2356IMG_2351IMG_2349IMG_2345IMG_2293IMG_2221IMG_2220IMG_2201IMG_2118IMG_2025 More photos from S.M.U.G.


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