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Case Study: ActiveReports helped Bit-Wizards move the EPARS reporting system into the future by offering a web service solution.

When TSA Consulting Group needed a powerful and easy-to-use financial application that streamlined the processing and compliance analysis of thousands of individual retirement transactions, they called Bit-Wizards, a managed Microsoft Gold Partner headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The proposed system had to be able to manage millions of dollars in financial transactions, be adaptable for ever-changing IRS tax policies, integrate with existing accounting applications, and of course be simple to administer. The system that Bit-Wizards created became Electronic Process for Automated Remittance Service, or EPARS. EPARS, an automated business solution for public school districts, allows employers to electronically remit retirement contributions to multiple vendors through one simple transaction, thus relieving the school district from the administrative challenges of parsing the thousands of individual contributions and distributing those contributions to any number of different retirement plan vendors. Additionally, TSA provides a compliance system to ensure that the financial transactions are within IRS regulation limits and also warns the administrators when individual contributions are approaching the prescribed limits. Read the full story.


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