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C1 RussCam Episode 72: Tech Ed Part 6

Episode 72: Tech Ed Part 6 Russ talks with Bret Fisher about his product, , and how he used Wijmo to take Winsitter to the next level! A server monitoring service, a 5 min install that runs on azure. “We baby sit your sitters” using Wijmo with grids and charts as part of the dashboard. HTML5 toolkit, plugs into app, with designer capability with cross device, “ComponentOne supports the developer community and the user community”. In the outtakes … see the vs 2012 car and great new workstations. Download your free trial of Wijmo CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO image IMG_2381IMG_2380IMG_2379IMG_2378IMG_2317IMG_2310IMG_2302IMG_2298IMG_2294IMG_2290IMG_2286IMG_2285IMG_2281IMG_2280IMG_2279IMG_2275IMG_2271IMG_2268IMG_2257IMG_2217 More Photos on TechEd Celebration Party and TechEd


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