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C1 RussCam Episode 68: TechEd Part 4

Episode 68: TechEd Part 4 Russ Cam™ introduces us to Chris Bannon, Product Manager at ComponentOne. Chris interviews one of our TV winners, Bryan Gregorius from Apprenda. Mr. Gregorius also happens to be a user of Wijmo! Apprenda is an application deployment / management system using Wijmo for data visualization. Then, Russ chats with Bjoern Meyer from TX Text Control. Bjoern Meyer says what they do for word, C1 does for Spread.NET. If you need Word like functionality in you app, check it out. It even handles opening up a PDF file! See lots of great event photos… Download your free trial of Wijmo . CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO image IMG_2531 See Chris Bannon interview Bryan Gregorius from Apprenda on Use of Wijmo IMG_2516 \ Russ chats with Bjoern Meyer from TX Text Control More Photos on TechEd Celebration Party and TechEd


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