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Now shipping: The JSViewer, a high-speed JavaScript viewer for ActiveReports

Now shipping in ActiveReports 13 Professional: the JSViewer, a fast, modern report viewer that you can run on any major browser! With this JavaScript report viewer, you can take advantage of the latest tech to create a fast, modern, and engaging reporting application.

You can easily embed the JSViewer in any of the major web frameworks:

  • Angular
  • Vue
  • ASP.NET Core
  • HTML5

Code in .NET and view .NET reports in JavaScript apps

For .NET Developers, you can code using the .NET-like syntax that you’re familiar with, and then jump right into creating the ultimate reporting application with the JSViewer. You can quickly render a report on the server and view it in the JSViewer.

From a functional perspective, the JSViewer will offer the following features:

  • Paging
  • One-touch printing
  • Exporting (PDF and Excel)
  • Multiple display modes:
    • Galley: a single, scrollable, page view of the report contents
    • Single page: a paginated view of the report
    • Continuous view: a scrollable view of the report divided into multiple pages
  • Interactivity
    • Drilldown
    • Drill-through
  • CSS theming

Toolbar of the JSViewer

As with any other viewer, the JSViewer also supports zooming the report; passing parameters; and viewing the content in a table of contents.

Parameters in the JSViewer

Learn more about the JSViewer

Look for the JSViewer, and other major features, in ActiveReports 13!

Mateen Firoz

Mateen Firoz

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