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ActiveReports 14 is Released

We are pleased to announce the release of ActiveReports 14. This release offers many exciting and long-awaited features, including:

Review the What’s New documentation page for more information on these and other enhancements.

You can get this release of ActiveReports FREE if you have active maintenance.

Download ActiveReports 14 Now

This release is available free of charge with your active maintenance agreement. To ensure your maintenance is active or to purchase an upgrade, you can email ( or call (1-800-858-2739) our sales team.

Full .NET Core and .NET Core 3 Support

ActiveReports supports the full power and flexibility of the latest .NET Core Framework. Now you can create multi-platform web applications and run your reports on Windows, MacOS, and Linux with ease. You can deploy your reporting solutions to the cloud or create lightweight serverless Lambda and Azure Functions reports.

With .NET Core desktop support, you can benefit from side-by-side deployment and native compilation of your applications.

.NET Core technology is the future and we are glad to offer ActiveReports at the forefront.

Download Assemblies From NuGet

ActiveReports 14 Has Arrived

We have published our assemblies on NuGet. Nuget provides convenient package management and automatic project configuration. Your project will always be up to date with ActiveReports NuGet references.

AcroForms and PDF Export

You can use ActiveReports to create interactive forms using PDF. Use the full power of ActiveReports designer and databinding to publish pre-configured and ready to fill AcroForms.

ActiveReports 14 Has Arrived

Creating PDF forms is as simple as using the new InputField control and setting a few properties. You also have the ability to make this a ‘Required’ field, enable spellchecking, or mask user-entered content with asterisks (*) using the ‘Password’ boolean property.

Web Designer Enhancements

Based on customer feedback, we have made several enhancements to the Web Designer. The Private User DataSource and DataSet Definitions are features that that will increase efficiency and save time. You no longer need to create a custom dataset for multiple users. We’ve added backend logic to the Web Designer so your end-users can create their own data source connections and data sets, in the same intuitive design as before, and validate them. This is a useful enhancement to create self-serve reports. As always, you decide whether or not your end-users will have the ability to create data sources and data sets.

For additional information, visit our Web Designer documentation.

BandedList Control and Section Reports Layout Import

Existing Section Reports (RPX) have a new home in the Web Designer with the advanced BandedList control. BandedList provides familiar section based layout including detail, header and footer sections.

ActiveReports 14 makes it easy to reuse your Section Report (RPX) layouts using the Import Wizard. Your older reports can now benefit from the full power of RDL and .NET Core multi-platform support.

ActiveReports 14 Has Arrived

Read more about BandedList here.


Extend your applications globally with localized web designer resources. With ActiveReports 14 we made localization resource files available for translation. You can learn more about localization here.

New ‘WebViewer’ Control

We have created a new report viewer control for the web. This is a single lightweight JavaScript viewer control for all report preview formats, including HTML, PDF, and raw HTML. Easy to include in your ASP.NET application, it supports all of our report types and export formats. Includes beautiful themes, responsive layouts, and fast text search.

ActiveReports 14 Has Arrived

New Stand-Alone Report Designer

This is a new, easy-to-use, report designer application based on our beautiful online web report designer. Developers can choose the existing Visual Studio integrated designer or this new lightweight standalone desktop application. Anyone on your team can create reports with or without Visual Studio.

ActiveReports 14 Has Arrived

JavaScript Report Viewer Improvements

Our JavaScript Viewer component received extra love with this release. You can use it with your preferred JavaScript framework including Angular, React, and Vue.

This update adds powerful text search, viewer localization, and printing enhancements with instant no-touch and direct print support.

ActiveReports 14 is a feature-packed release. We look forward to sharing more about these features and others in our upcoming webinars and blogs. If you have any questions about the release, please leave it in the comments section below.

Mateen Firoz

Mateen Firoz

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