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Add full built-in animations to your Xamarin controls

Animations have always been an important part of our Xamarin controls. For 2018 v1 we’re making the product even better by introducing new animations for FlexGrid and Input, as well as reintroducing animations for FlexChart and FlexPie. Now every control in our Xamarin suite comes with built-in animations that can easily be configured.

FlexChart Animations

This release restores the animations for the FlexChart and FlexPie controls. Now you’ll be able to configure the animations for both loading and updating the data in your charts. Also new in this version: FlexPie uses the update animation when the inner radius of the chart is changed.Animations for FlexChart abd FlexPie controls

Load and update animations can be configured separately (for both easing and duration) which gives complete control over the appearance of your charts.

Input Animations

We’ve added a new dropdown animation for our Input controls. The animation can easily be enabled though the IsAnimated property, and it’s some visual flair to opening and closing a dropdown.Dropdown Animation for our Input Controls


The new reordering/dragging feature for FlexGrid also comes with a new animation. If you’ve enabled dragging by setting the AllowDragging property, the columns and/or rows will smartly reposition around the item you’re dragging.Animations for Reordering and Dragging for FlexGrid


Configuring animations for controls is easily done via easing functions. The C1Easing class provides built in easing functions, allows you to define custom easing functions, and has implicit type conversion from the Xamarin.Forms.Easing counterpart. This means you can also use the built in Xamarin.Forms easing functions with our controls as well.

C1Easing also provides implicit type conversion of a different kind for Xamarin.Android. On this platform, you can assign from an Android Android.View.Animations.BaseInterpolator to C1Easing.

Overall, animations make your apps more visually appealing and they can increase functionality by drawing your user’s attention to meaningful data changes. GrapeCity is proud to offer animation support across all controls for the Xamarin platform. While Xamarin.iOS currently does not support any implicit conversion from a native type, we’ll consider adding it in the near future. Moving forward we will continue to add, refine, and enhance our animation support.

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Kelley Ricker

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