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ActiveReports 14.3 Available

I am pleased to announce the release of ActiveReports v14.3. For ActiveReports 14 developers, this will be the final service pack for this version. This release includes important fixes as well as some performance improvements.

ActiveReports 14.3 Fixes:

  • AR-24584 - Improved performance of Galley Mode rendering on low spec machines.
  • AR-24962 - Candlesticks Chart with one data point no longer appears blank.
  • AR-24963 - Fixed error in oracle data provider when a single parameter is used multiple times.
  • AR-24974 - Fixed FileNotFoundException when previewing RDL reports containing scripts from UNC path.
  • AR-24990 - Resolved bug requiring parameters in OracleDataProvider to be in the same sequence as report parameters.
  • AR-25012 - Resolved PageDocument.Render throwing sporadic NullReferenceException.
  • AR-25149 - Fixed incorrect output in TextBox in SectionReport when CRLF is used.
  • AR-25197 - Addressed changing "\" to "%5C" in Hyperlink when exporting Section Reports to HTML.
  • AR-25261 - Expressions in Series value of Classic chart no longer appear blank when open in AR14 Designer.
  • AR-25273 - Resolved PostBack trigger on clicking a Section Reports bookmark in WebViewer.
  • AR-25183 - Fixed "Cross-thread operation not valid.." error on previewing a report in viewer twice.
  • AR-24787 - Fixed formatting of parameter with default datetime value in JSViewer.
  • AR-24928 - Fixed Watermark in PDF exported file appearing faded in comparison to Report Viewer.

If you haven't already updated to this latest release, you can do so using NuGet Package Manager or get the installer here.

By the way, this is a free upgrade to existing v14 customers. This service pack brings ActiveReports 14 development to a close. We will focus our full attention on the current version of ActiveReports 15 and gear up the development of some exciting features in our next version, ActiveReports 16.

Mateen Firoz

Mateen Firoz

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