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7 Visual Studio 2022 Features That Will Change Your Life

Welcome to MESCIUS’s Breakdown of the Visual Studio 2022 release. We will dive into the latest enhancements and features introduced to Microsoft's powerful integrated development environment (IDE).

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, this comprehensive overview will provide you with valuable insights into the cutting-edge advancements of Visual Studio 2022.

Here is a list of the major talking points we chose to highlight:

  1. .NET 6: Enabling multi-platform application development

  2. .NET MAUI: A cross-platform framework for native desktop and mobile apps

  3. 64-Bit Application: Breaking memory limitations for better performance

  4. Improved Usability: Refreshed user interface and customizable options

  5. Hot Reload: Modifying UI during debugging without restart

  6. Enhanced IntelliCode: Smarter code completion for increased productivity

  7. Improved Debugging: Advanced tools for issue diagnosis and resolution

The Exciting Advancements in .NET 6

One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of .NET 6, which is set to release in early November 2021. .NET 6 can develop applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms, including dedicated frameworks for Android and Mac.

Rest assured that compatibility is not a concern when opting for the latest version of .NET, as MESCIUS ensures support for the newest release across all its .NET products(ActiveReports.NET, ComponentOne, GcDocuments, and Spread.NET).

Embracing .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI takes the spotlight in Visual Studio 2022 as a powerful cross-platform framework. It empowers developers to create native desktop, mobile, XAML, and C# applications that can run on any operating system. Replacing Xamarin forms, .NET MAUI offers additional functionalities, such as the ability to build desktop applications using Blazor.

Visual Studio 2022

Unleashing the Power of 64-Bit Applications

Visual Studio 2022 introduces a significant upgrade with the availability of a 64-bit application, eliminating the previous 4 GB memory limitation of the primary devenv.exe process. With this transformation, Visual Studio can now handle the largest and most intricate solutions without running out of memory. Microsoft claims they are working to make every aspect of the development workflow faster and more efficient, from loading solutions to debugging with F5.

Even with the introduction of 64-Bit support, Developers still have the option to build 32-bit applications within Visual Studio.

Streamlined Usability for a Better Experience

The latest version of Visual Studio showcases a refreshed and modernized user interface. The interface employs lighter icons for both light and dark themes, offering users a wide array of customization options to reduce complexity and cognitive load. Notable additions include:

  • Updated icons for improved clarity, consistency, readability, and contrast.

  • Cascadia Code, a new fixed-width font with enhanced themes, enhancing code readability.

  • Integration with Accessibility Insights, which identifies accessibility issues before software reaches end-users.

  • Customize the Visual Studio experience with IDE settings and the ability to synchronize settings across multiple devices.

Visual Studio 2022

Hot Reload for Seamless Modifications

Introducing the Hot Reload feature, Visual Studio 2022 allows developers to modify the user interface while the project is being debugged. These changes can be applied instantaneously without the need to restart the debugging process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient development experience.

Visual Studio 2022

Enhanced IntelliCode Capabilities

IntelliCode, now even more powerful, enables the automatic completion of larger code sections, including entire lines, using insights from nearly half a million open-source repositories. Visual Studio users can leverage this intelligent feature to enhance their coding productivity and efficiency.

Empowering Debugging Capabilities

Visual Studio 2022 proves to be a developer's best friend with its enhanced debugging tools that aid in diagnosing issues quickly. With features like async visualizations, automatic analyzers, and time travel debugging, developers can efficiently identify and resolve problems, improving the overall development process.


In conclusion, Visual Studio 2022 introduces a host of exciting new features and enhancements that empower developers to create exceptional applications with ease. From the arrival of .NET 6 and the cross-platform capabilities of .NET MAUI to the breakthrough of 64-bit applications and the convenience of Hot Reload, Visual Studio 2022 revolutionizes the development landscape.

With its refreshed user interface, improved usability, enhanced IntelliCode, and advanced debugging tools, Visual Studio 2022 provides developers with a powerful and efficient environment for crafting high-quality applications.

If you are interested in learning more about Visual Studio 2022, we encourage you to visit Microsoft's Official Visual Studio 2022 DevBlog.

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Mason Schaffer

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