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2016 v1.5 Update Available

Available today you can update Xuni packages to version 2.1.20161.94 through NuGet. This update adds a few minor enhancement requests and addresses critical to minor bug fixes. You can download this update and see the full list of what's changed below.

2016 v1.5 Change Log



  • [XF][iOS][Android] The currently selected month is now highlighted in year view using the selection background and text color.
  • [XF] Improved view mode animation on Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • [XF][iOS] Fixed Calendar’s header to be better formatted for globalization.
  • [XF][Android] Fixed selection day text color for image day slots.
  • [XF] Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException when double tapping on disabled days
  • [XF] SelectionTextColor now gets applied to disabled selected dates when DisabledTextColor is set.
  • [XF] MinDate & MaxDate were not correct on Windows when the set value had a specific time of day.



  • [XF][iOS] Clipping is improved with string labels on the X-Axis near the min and max of the axis.

Bug Fixes

  • [Android] Fixed annotations with DataIndex attachment for series displayed on secondary Y axis.
  • [Android] Fixed SymbolBorderWidth and SymbolBorderColor properties to apply for Candle/HLOC charts.
  • [XF][iOS] InterpolateNulls property fixed on iOS.
  • [XF][iOS] ChartAxis.MajorUnit property fixed on iOS.



  • [XF][iOS][Android] Added GridColumn.SortMemberPath property that allows you to sort by a different field than what is bound to the column when the user taps the column header.
  • [XF][iOS][Android] Added GridColumn.AllowSorting property that allows you to control sorting behavior individually per column.
  • [iOS] ShowDetail and HideDetail methods added to FlexGridDetailProvider

Bug Fixes

  • [Android] Fixed DetailCellCreatedEventArgs Row parameter to include DataItem
  • [Android] Fixed unhandled exception when editing cell of manually added column.
  • [iOS] Fixed ScrollPositionChanged event.
  • [iOS] Fixed and removed vertical lines drawn within row detail cell.
  • [iOS] GridColumn.minWidth property can be set in Swift.
  • [Android] Corrected parameters for AutoSizeRows and AutoSizeColumns method.

Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms Download Update

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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