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2016 Rio Summer Games Medal Tracker

MedalHeader The 2016 Rio Olympics are now well underway, and GrapeCity the occasion is commemorating by providing a Medal Tracker web app using our sister product Wijmo. For Xuni, we've developed a Xamarin.Forms sample that has many of the same features. This sample uses a web service to retrieve the number of medals won by each country in real time during the event and then presents that information using FlexGrid and FlexChart. The web service actively pulls live data, and the sample uses NewtonSoft JSON.NET to deserialize data. The sample further uses a dependency service to cache the data locally in the instance that an internet connection becomes unavailable. MT The FlexChart and FlexGrid controls both use a CollectionView behind the scenes to organize the data. The CollectionView is not just a simple array, but includes advanced are features like Record Management which we will utilize. We can load that data into a grid employing features such as custom cell templates, searching or filtering capabilities, and sorting. The FlexChart provides an alternate means of visualizing the same data that makes it easier to compare results at a glance. We'll take a deeper look at the Medal Tracker sample in a separate blog, and you can download the code to see how it works.

Download the MedalTracker sample >>


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