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2010 v2 Released!

Studio for Silverlight 4 (Build 80)

For Silverlight 3, please check the Downloads page:

Important Install Note: This release will install the controls to ComponentOne/Studio for Silverlight 4/. This means that Silverlight 3 and 4 versions can be installed side by side.

*FlexGrid joins Studio for Silverlight

This Beta product is now included in Studio for Silverlight. It still has a separate demo site, which you can check out here:

Studio for Silverlight 4 version 80 Change Log-


Bug Fixes

  • C1DragDropManager: Fixed dropping on Popups, as in the case of ChildWindow and C1Window.
  • C1RangeSlider: fixed NullPointerException bug when setting the width to zero and LowerValue was greater than zero.
  • C1ColorPicker: Toggling IsDropDownOpen had no effect the second time.


  • C1TabItems now precede the selected item's content when navigating through controls by using the TAB key.
  • Added SelectionBackground and SelectionForeground properties to C1ComboBox and C1TextEditableContentControl.
  • C1TreeView: added ExpandMode property which allows the user to chose between Multiple or Single expanded nodes.
  • C1RangeSlider: added ValueChanged event and keyboard support


Breaking changes

  • DataGridVerticalFreezingSeparator.IsMouseOver and IsDragging properties removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Start columns width rounded to fix rendering bug.
  • Edit a cell when selection mode is multi-column.


Breaking changes

  • C1Table now has 2 pixels border spacing by default.
  • C1TextElement.BorderBrush is now black by default.
  • HtmlFilter customization using virtual methods is no longer supported. Use the new Convert* events for customization.
    The old HtmlFilter is still available in the C1.Silverlight.RichTextBox.LegacyHtmlFilter assembly.


  • New HtmlFilter improves HTML and CSS support (see Help for details).



  • New Insert Hyperlink dialog


Bug Fixes

  • Cannot select the last added Resource/Categories/Contacts'
  • Unexpected behavior are observed when setting Start Time of C1Scheduler to today and making recurrence appointment at Run time
  • Inconsistent behavior is observed if unchecked all check boxes when creating weekly repeats recurrence appointment
  • Inconsistent reminder is shown for recurrence appointment in a certain scenario


  • Added new helper class TimeRulerHelper. It is used in default time ruler template.
  • Added new property to the C1Scheduler control:
    public String TimeFormat { get; set; }
     Gets or sets the String value determining time format used to display time ruler in a Day, Week and Work Week views.  
     The default value is an empty string. In such case C1Scheduler takes default time format from the current culture.  
     This is a dependency property.  
     Don't use general formats as "T" for this property. Use detailed format string such as "h:mm tt" or "HH:mm".
  • Added new events to the C1Scheduler control:
    public event EventHandler BeforeAppointmentDrop;

    Occurs before an Appointment object is dropped by end-user.  

    public event EventHandler BeforeAppointmentResize;

    Occurs before an Appointment object is resized by end-user.  

    public event EventHandler BeforeAppointmentSave;

    Occurs before an is saved by end-user.  

    Use these events to implement conflict resolving. For example:

    private void sched1_BeforeAppointmentSave(object sender, AppointmentActionEventArgs e)

     Appointment app = e.Appointment;  
     // get conflicted appointments  
     AppointmentList conflicts = app.Conflicts;  
     if (conflicts.Count > 0)  
         foreach (Appointment conflict in conflicts)  
             // if some conflicted appointment has availability status Busy,  
             // don't allow saving and let customer to change appointment time  
             if (conflict.BusyStatus.StatusType == StatusTypeEnum.Busy)  
                 e.Handled = true;  
                 MessageBox.Show("This appointment can't be saved. Please edit appointment so that it has no conflicts.");  


Also, we introduce the C1FlexGrid and C1Calendar controls to the suite.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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