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Discover what MESCIUS is all about - learn more about our .NET and JavaScript solutions and document APIs and viewer, download product assets, and more. Contact for information.

MESCIUS Overview

MESCIUS' product line provides developers, designers, and architects with the ultimate collection of award-winning JavaScript and .NET grids, reporting, spreadsheets, document APIs, viewers, and mobile controls.

Our tools help to quickly solve problems so you can focus on creativity, innovation, and optimization.

Our award-winning products include spreadsheets and reporting tools, grids, charts, UI components, and APIs for .NET and JavaScript. These resources are meticulously designed to streamline developers' work and enhance their efficiency for both desktop and mobile applications.


MESCIUS has grown over the years. From its humble beginnings in the 1950s, the company has evolved from focusing solely on education to becoming one of the largest providers of enterprise software development products and services worldwide.

Our organization is committed to providing customers and clients worldwide with the highest quality solutions that provide reliable value to anyone who uses them. This philosophy has led MESCIUS through the last four decades of operation.

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Learn More About MESCIUS Products


ComponetOne features a suite of .NET controls for desktop, web, and native mobile.

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The ActiveReports line of products is a complete developer reporting solution for both .NET and JavaScript.

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Deliver first-class enterprise apps with .NET and JavaScript extensible, flexible Excel-like UI's with Spread.

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Documents Solutions

Take control of your documents with ultra-fast APIs and viewers from Document Solutions.

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Focus on your application's core functionality with Wijmo's dynamic JavaScript UI component library.

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