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    Report Service
    In This Topic

    Report service supports C1Report, FlexReport, and SSRS Report.

    URL Description for FlexReport and SSRS reports

    Following table shows the difference between the URL pattern for FlexReports and SSRS reports

    URL Element


    SSRS Reports

    Provider Specifies the storage path or the root path which contains the reports definition files. Specifies the Web service URL of the report server where the report definition is stored.
    Folder Path The relative path of the folder that contains report definitions. FlexReport definition file (.flxr or .xml) is also considered as a folder, since one report definition file contains multiple reports. Web service URL provides the folder location where the report definition is stored.
    Report Name The report name defined in the FlexReport definition file. For example: "Simple List" The report file name in the specified folder. For example: "Employee_Sales_Summary"
    Example Report Path ReportsRoot/report/CommonTasks.flxr/Simple List C1SSRS/AdventureWorks /Employee_Sales_Summary