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    To use Web API Services you need to first create a service project in Visual Studio, and deploy it on IIS or self-host it. Client applications (MVC, HTML based, desktop applications or other generic applications) can then call these Web API services for exporting and importing excel files, exporting images (to desired format), generating excel from given data and template, and generating barcode from a given text.

    ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition provides the following Web API Services.

    Cloud Services
    Learn how to work with Cloud Services such as AWS, Azure, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive Web API Services.
    Data Engine Services
    Learn how to work with Data Engine Services such as Data Source, Raw Data, Analysis, and Unique Value in ComponentOne Studio Web API.
    Excel Services
    Learn how to work with Excel Services such as Export, Import, Generate Excel, and Merge Excel in ComponentOne Studio Web API.
    Barcode Services
    Learn how to generate scannable C1 supported barcode using Barcode Services in ComponentOne Studio Web API.
    Visitor API Services
    Learn how to fetch the visitor data on the server.