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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Fields service provides API to get all the fields from the database. You can access this service from your client application to view data from many different data sources that are hosted on Data Engine service.

    Fields Service Request Schema

    To view data from a specific data source and get the fields information, you need to use GET method. Data source information specified in the request URL, as:


    Data source information can be specified in the request URL, as follows:

    Request URL: https://demos.componentone.com/ASPNET/5/C1WebAPI/3.0.20193.222/api/dataengine/complex10/fields
    Status Code: 200


    URL Parameters

    Field service URL accepts datasourcekey as paramter. You need to specify the data source key information to access the data. Data source key is used to specify the data source from where you want to get the field information. For more information on Data Engine Services, see WebApiExplorer demo.

    Response Messages

    HTTP Status Code Reason
    200 A field array is returned.
    404 {datasource} is invalid.