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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Catalog service uses GET method to enable the end users to fetch the catalog information from the specified folder path. Client application sends an HTTP request to the service application for using the Catalog API.

    Catalog Service Request Schema

    To obtain the catalog information from a specified folder path, you need to use GET method. Report folder path is specified in the request URL, as:


    Response is a Json string that contains ICatalogItem object which describes the folder or report.

    recursive - Recursive is a request parameter. It is set to False by default. When you set the recursive to True, the service returns the entire list of child items below the specified item.

    URL Parameters

    The Catalog service URL primarily accepts two parameters folderpath and reportpath. In case of FlexReport files, you need to specify the report file name, which is recognized by the storage manager, to access the list of reports.